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Whatsapp Status for my Newborn baby boy cute

A father so handsome,
a mom so pretty
no wonder your newborn is such a sweetie.

Enjoy the time when your newborn plucks your heart’s strings.
It is a feeling that is a part and parcel of the joy that a baby boy brings.

A baby boy makes a mother out of his mom
and a father out of his dad.

You all are Mother Nature’s perfect brew,
tell your new baby on my behalf that there
cannot be a family cuter than you.

Your life will now be full of cheers,
because from two you will now become the three musketeers.
Congratulations for becoming parents to a baby boy.

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Today is not just the end of your pregnancy.
It is the beginning of your legacy. Congratulations.

Today you have become Mommy and Daddy.
Soon, your son will grow up and have a family of his own.
As funny as it sounds,
you have already taken your first step towards becoming Grandma and Grandpa.

May your baby’s future be brighter than the sun’s radiant beam,
may your little child fulfill all your dreams.
Congratulations for your newborn.

Little fingers and cute toes
Sleepy eyes and a chubby nose
A serene and angelic face
I cannot shower enough praise
A radiant smile and a bubbly face
Your little boy sure works his charming ways
He can melt away even the toughest of hearts
Your life has got such a beautiful new start

Long wailing cries
Peals of cheery laughter
A house as joyous as yours
Right now is no other
An enthusiastic daddy
A brand new mother
May your baby girl bring you
Happiness forever

Your lives have been drenched with the lovely color blue
Your cuddly baby boy will show you life’s joys new
You have absolutely no idea
How lucky you both are in your life’s blue sky
Your baby is the new star

Your pair has always been perfect
but with the birth of your newborn,
your family has now become picture perfect.

Your sorrows must have melted away
Your worries must have withered
You must have forgotten all those moments
Whenever you suffered
Your goals in life must have changed
With new horizons to look forward to
For the beautiful baby girl
That God has bestowed on you

Now it is official
Blue is the color of the day
A bundle of joy,
as a baby boy
Has come along your way
You waited for this moment
Ever since you were pregnant
Congratulations to you
For being the lucky parents

With protective and caring parents like you,
a nurturing relationship between you and your baby will ensue.
Congratulations to the new parents.

You both made a wonderful couple
Your life was nearly perfect
All that was left was a bundle of joy
Which you didn’t have until yet
But not that you have both become parents
Your lives have become the epitome
Of how the perfect couple can make a transition
Into becoming the cutest family

Now that you have become parents
you will realize that life is not a race.
It is a beautiful journey which is to be cherished phase by phase.
Have fun cuddling your little one in your arms day and night.
Your lives are set to become, amazingly serene and blissfully bright.

The newest member of your family is cuter than all of you combined.

Life will be full of ups and downs.
It will be one tough ride.
But your love for your child will be the anchor
that will see you through it all.
Congratulations for becoming parents.

Life comes a full circle when you see for yourself,
a new life that you made.

No matter how many years grow by
and what they grow up to become,
no one else will be able to understand her children
better than their mother.
Congratulations for becoming one.

Life will keep changing
but there is one thing that will remain constant
till the day you die your love for your child.
Congratulations for finding something so magical.

Welcome to the newborn and congratulations to the proud parents.
Wishing a lifetime of love, health, laughter, happiness and togetherness.

Celebrating the birth of a baby boy so cute
Will be something elegantly grand
But the problem is that no one
Will be able to stop cuddling him in their hands
After all, his chubby cheeks and tiny fingers
Are utterly cute, it is impossible to let go
You are the luckiest parents in the world
Is what I wanted you to know

By becoming parents you have officially entered life’s vicious loop
which is all about tantrums, cries,
late night feeds and changing nappies after your baby takes a poop.

May your baby boy be the angel that you were always looking for.
May he make your life happy, prosperous and pure.

May your baby’s cute smile and laughs,
be a spike of happiness in your life’s graph.

May your precious newborn baby brings happiness to the world and special joy to you!. Congratulations.

May the best things in life happen to your sweet little bunny,
may he get lots of attention and care from you and your honey.
Congratulations to you both.

There is something which you
Will now realize
That those painful nine months
Were actually a prizeFor they have given you
The best possible present
The birth of your girl
An unforgettable moment
You will begin to cherish
The memories of your pregnancy
For having given birth
To your very own legacy

The kind of space your baby boy will take up in your heart,
will make you wonder how you never knew it was there in the first place.

Nursing your newborn will make you realize the real meaning of life.
Congratulations for becoming a mother.

So precious,
so small,
so sweet.
Two tiny hands,
two tiny feet.
Cute smiles
and endless giggles,
sweet nothings
and adorable wriggles.
All this and a lot more,
is what will make your life soar.

You are likely to be on cloud nine
For getting a gift from the Gods so fineYou are likely to be ecstaticFor witnessing a miracle so fantasticYou are likely to be over the moonFor being blessed with a lovely boonCongratulations for having a baby girl
On whose little fingers your life will now swirl.

Welcome to the newborn and congratulations to the proud parents.
Wishing a lifetime of love, health, laughter, happiness and togetherness.

Welcome the comingOf the house’s new ladyMore than a princessShe is the queen beeBlow the trumpetsFor her grand arrivalAfter all she is
The prettiest and most special

To an array of beautiful experiencesTo a string of happy instancesTo a series of joyful moments
To many of life’s presentsTo lovely opportunitiesTo an album of beautiful memories
To the best that destiny has to offerIs summarized by your newborn daughterCongratulations

Tickle your newborn to see the cutest of wriggles.
Make faces at your newborn to see the most adorable of all giggles.
Such a delightful sight it will be when your baby learns to walk and jiggle.
Congratulations to the new parents of a baby worthy of drools and snuggles.

The journey of parenthood is pricelessIt is not all about laughs and happiness
It won’t be fun and games all the time
Sometimes it will be bitter-sweet like limeBut it will be a life-changing experienceEnchanting, will be its brillianceLoving parents, now you have become
Your smiles, are just the beginning of things to come

The feeling of having your heart in your hands
Is beyond descriptionThe feeling of having created a life
Is beyond comparisonThe feeling of carrying around your baby
Is like handling glass which is fragileThe feeling of giving birth to a girl
Is one of the things which make life worthwhileCongratulations

The nine months of pregnancy just flew away
Now you have officially become a mommyWho would have thought that so soonYou will be a part of a cute little family
Cheers to a joyous new start
Hurry for a little boy so adorableYahoo for life’s exciting new pathApplause for a family so special

The birth of your newborn will usher you into a new phase of your life.
Now you are no longer just man and wife.
Maturity and wisdom will envelop your behavior and personalities forever.
Now you have become a loving mother and a responsible father.

I love the way your baby gigglesCrawls around and wrigglesI love the way your baby boosHis own toys to play,
he wants to chooseI love the way your little one smilesTo melt my heart,
it doesn’t even take a whileI love the way your baby holds your handMotherhood seems beautifully grand

I know the sourceOf the sparkle in your eyeI know the reasonWhy you sometimes cryI know what is
Making you so happy
I know the causeFor your joyful gleeIt is your newborn girl
Who has spun your world aroundCatapulting you to the sky
Way off the groundCongratulations

I don’t know how to describeThe most adorable sight of you three
I am talking about how
You have now become a family
Picture perfect, is what you are
Mommy, daddy and the little baby boy
Just watching you cuddle and giggleIs one of life’s best joy
I could just sit for hours togetherTo see how you shower your toddlerWith love, affection and care
Congratulations for getting your life’s treasure

I congratulate you for going past morning sickness and pregnancy food cravings.
Wishing you good luck for nappy changes and midnight feedings.

How did it feel when your newborn’s hand clasped your finger for the first time?
How did it feel when you cuddled your newborn in your arms for the first time?
How did it feel to see a part of you take life, for the first time?
Congratulations for becoming parents
there will be many more such magical ‘first times’ in your life from now on.

How do you expect me to stop gigglingAfter holding your newborn baby in my arms
I have officially become his biggest fanI admit, I have surrendered to his charmsGirls will swoon over him, I am sure
When he grows into a young man, so fineFrom toddler to teenager to beyondThe journey will be simply divineCongratulations

A glorious moment
For you this must be
A memorable occasionFull of festivityFor a breathtaking eventHas taken place in your life
God has bestowed blessingsOn you and your wifeBy giving you a cute little girl
And completing your family
Congratulations to you both For you,
we are all so happy

A new pageA new chapterIn your lives
Is your daughterA new beginning
A new phase
All your sorrows
Who will eraseA new member
A new welcomeWho will make
Your lives awesomeCongratulations

A newborn in your arms
To the heart, is like a balmSo innocent and carefreeIs the soul of a baby
Enjoy the blissGive your little one a kissCherish the joys
Of having a baby boy

Acknowledge how lucky, as parents you are
Smile, as you gaze into your newborn’s eyes
Soak in the joy of having a baby boy
Appreciate your life’s biggest PriceBask in the warm hues of your infant’s cutenessCherish each and every beautiful moment
Enjoy this surreal phase of your lives
Your bundle of joy is truly God-sentCongratulations

No tape can ever measure,
the extent to which a child can become a parent’s treasure.

Becoming a parent is the moment
when all of life’s battles suddenly seem worth fighting for.

If life could be measured in cute drools
and adorable giggles,
yours is just perfect right now.

Holding her nervouslyLoving her adorablyCaressing her lovinglyWatching her joyfullySwirling her carefullyFeeding her caringlyHandling her delicatelyGazing at her affectionatelyGet used to being a new mommyCongratulations

Your baby boy is cuter than the word cute
He is going to grow up to be a handsome hunkIn resisting his charms and good looksAll girls will hopelessly flunkSo be prepared to caution your toddlerAs he grows up into a good looking teenagerAbout the perils of giving his heart away
As a parent, I am sure you will be his protectorBut let me warn you, there is not muchYou will possibly be able to doAfter all, your adorable little one
Was born to good looking parents like you

If life could be measured in cute drools
and adorable giggles,
yours is just perfect right now.

Stock up on pretty things
Pink in color
You are bringing homeA beautiful daughterStock up on everythingThat looks cute and girlyFor you have just addedA princess to your family

If the cuteness of your baby boy had
to be summed up in just a few words, they would be
Out of This World.

Think about what will happen
When your daughter will grow
About the realities of the world
When she will begin to know
Think about your state of mindWhen she goes to schoolOr when she looks at picturesOf the guy on who she droolsThink about your emotionsWhen she goes out on her first dateOr when she makes big decisionsCharting out her own fateUntil then you must enjoyHer childhood as much as you can
For she is yours only till the day
You give her away to another manCongratulations

If the cuteness of your baby boy had
to be summed up in just a few words, they would be
Out of This World.

From being two beautiful peopleTo being a couple who is special
You have now become
Parents who are incredibleFrom being two different identitiesTo being a team togetherYou have become a complete family
Because of your baby daughterCongratulations

It is impossible to cuddle your baby boy
For any longer than a couple of minutesHis cuteness is so overwhelmingIt makes me feel weak at the kneesThe dreamy blue eyes, the adorable tiny toes
As parents, you have struck goldEnjoy the lovely ride of raising your little one
Create memories which you will cherish when you’re oldCongratulations

Lay out the red carpet Decorate the room in pink and violetBuy a brand new baby chairAlong with a cute teddy bearKeep baby food bottles readyAnd a cozy blanket handyFor an angel has arrived todayTo spread happiness in every way

Tickle your newborn to see the cutest of wriggles.
Make faces at your newborn to see the most adorable of all giggles.
Such a delightful sight it will be when your baby learns to walk and jiggle.
Congratulations to the new parents of a baby worthy of drools and snuggles.

As you take your baby in your lapTo give him a warm wrapAnd watch him take a napIn a lovely smile, you will snapAs you sing your baby a lullabyYou will discover whyHaving a baby is such a magical experienceIt gives you happiness again and again, not just onceCongratulations

Dress her up in girly pinkSkip a beat when she gives you a winkCuddle her all day in your arms
Succumb to her cute and adorable charmsBe smitten by her girly ways
Let her antics brighten up your gloomy daysCongratulations for your newborn girl
Take care of her like a precious pearl

Look how far you have come
Look how your life is awesomeLook how much you have matured In life,
how much you have procuredLook how much luckier you are from the restLook how you have got the best
Look at the treasure you have got
Your baby girl who loves you love a lotCongratulations

Now that you have become parents
you will realize that life is not a race.
It is a beautiful journey which is to be cherished phase by phase.
Have fun cuddling your little one in your arms day and night.
Your lives are set to become, amazingly serene and blissfully bright.

When you got engagedYou were the cutest couple everWhen you got marriedA beautiful pair like yours, there wasn’t anotherWhen you announced that you were in pregnancy
Radiant you looked, with your sweet round tummyBut now with the birth of your son
Your sight makes for the most perfect family

A good looking couple you already are
Blessed with everything one could ask for
Now you have become parents to a son
To ask for, there is nothing moreVery few couples in the whole world
Are lucky enough to get life’s best
A beautiful daughter, you already hadBut now you have reached parenthood’s crestCongratulations

Three is always better than two
An equation which will now be understood by you
While two fight, three make merry Logic,
you will now understand clearlyThree become a family while two do not
By having a new member who you love a lotCongratulations for finally find the right numberBy giving birth to such a beautiful daughter.

As you cradle your newborn in your arms
To give protection from life’s harmsAs you kiss your little one’s foreheadJust before putting making the baby’s bedAs you watch your infant take a cozy napSome of life’s best joys, you will unwrapCherish each and every moment of this journey
Congratulations for starting a family

With generous parents like you
Your baby is going to have toys new
He has entered this world, being one of the lucky fewTo have a mom and dad, so loving and trueYour newborn couldn’t have had a life more secureYou both are the best mom and dad ever, I am sure
With the birth of your baby, I hope that your joys quadrupleCongratulations to the happy couple

The sheer cuteness of your little one’s gigglesThe intense warmth of cradling him in my arms
The utter sweetness of his mumblesThe heart-warming effect of his innocent charmsAll these things make me go weak at the kneesI can only imagine how happy you both must be
Have fun, treasure each and every moment
Congratulations for starting your very own family

Giving you a baby boy was God’s way to sayThat as a father,
He wants you to pass on all your traitsNowhere else in the whole wouldWould the toddler have found a father so greatRelish every moment of being a dotting dad
Soon enough, your little one will call you daddy
The sweetest memories will be made
In this beautiful and awesome journey

May your baby boy have lots of toysMay he bring in your lives, tons of joy
Today, I am sure you are brimming with prideFor having an adorable baby by your sideMay he be all wrapped up in clothes, comfy and blue
On the birth of your first new born, congratulations to you
Overcome with joy, your hearts are bound to glideGet ready for life’s best and biggest ride

She will touch your heart in every way
She will keep you tied to her every single day
She will draw your attention to her dailyShe will find things to distract you frequentlyShe will make great demands for your love and care
Any free time for you, she will not spareBut this is the time to enjoy very muchYour baby girl’s smiles and her magical tough

After looking at your Facebook pageAnd going through your tweets on TwitterI realized that the reason for your joy
Is your wonderful newborn daughterAfter seeing your InstagramAnd your profile on Google PlusI figured the cause behindAll your happiness and fussBeing new parents of a baby girl
Gives you all the reasonsTo be proud and haughtyFor she is one in a millionCongratulations

As your husband tries hard to sleep and snoreBy the time you sleep it may be fourThis is just the beginning, of chore after choreMotherhood is not easy, it can make you soreLife may seem like somewhat of a boreI don’t want to scare you anymoreHang in there, there are surprises in storeYour newborn will open up new doorsThat will make your life happy from the coreCongratulations, may your happiness forever soar

Words can never express adequatelyThe real joy of becoming a mother
There is no way to describeThis feeling, unlike any other
You have just experiencedThe most magical moment of your life
The memory will be an anchor
Which will hold you together in strifeFrom two, you have become three
This is the beginning of yet anotherBeautiful journey called parenthoodIn pure blissfulness, prepare to be smotheredCongratulations

Forget your phonesForget the InternetYou won’t even have time
To take a deep breathForget about partyingOr venturing out
You’ll have no time for all this
Of that I have no doubtForget hanging out with friendsOr watching a movieThe entire house will be full
With stuff related to the baby
There is just one thing
That you have to rememberThat all your sacrifices will be made
Worthwhile by your daughterCongratulations

Pregnancy, an epic ordeal may be overBut don’t think otherwise,
the journey has just begunFrom your own lives,
the focus will now shiftThe happiness of your toddler,
will be priority number one
After all, you have become parents now
To reap the joys of parenthood,
sacrifices must be made
Don’t worry if it all seems overwhelming right now
In the end you will create beautiful memories
 that will never fadeCongratulations

As parents, so delighted you both must be
To be blessed with a baby boy so cute
In saying that he is the most adorable infant everThere is really no disputeBut as you prepare yourselves to be the best
Mommy and daddy on the earthHere’s my two centsFor what they are worthAlways remember that a parent’s love
Is all about sacrifice, tough love and hard decisionsNo matter how hard it seems right now
It will lay in your child’s life, a good foundationCongratulations

The birth of your child, a sweet baby boy
Is a wonderful new twist to your destinyYour home has just got a cute new additionYour lives will now be warm and livelyYour hearts will melt every time your toddlerBursts into adorably sweet gigglesYou will jump in anxiety every moment
You think your infant is in troubleWonderful parents, the both of you will make
Your boy will have a wonderful upbringingHere’s to the newest family in townCongratulations for the new beginning

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